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    COFFEE TABLE- F 2022-03

  • Giá: 3.900.000 đ
  • Lượt xem: 1017
  • Classic and welcoming, the coffee table is the perfect addition to a modern living area. The geometrically inspired silhouette features an x-shaped base, which complements the inviting round top. Not only is the base edgy, but incredibly durable as well. It holds up the top with ease. Because of the spacious surface, you have plenty of room for drinks, snacks, remotes, and eye-catching pieces of decor. Pair this table alone or in eye-catching groupings for versatile visual effects. Manufactured in Italy to ensure quality, the Dj coffee table is available in three sizes for convenience. The top comes in various hard leather options, while the frame comes in metal options.

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Ø23¾" × 13¾"H Ø31½" × 15¾"H Ø39½" × 17¾"H


Available in three sizes Upholstery options include an array of hard leather options The frame comes in various metal colors


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